Cafe & Restaurant

Sky Restaurant 634

345m above ground.
A skyscraper restaurant boasting some of the best views in Japan.
It is also the best place in the country for unforgettable memories.

When you enter this refined restaurant, you will see particles of light spread out all around. Overall lighting in the restaurant is subdued. The dark color tone of the walls does not reflect any excess light, ensuring you have an outstanding environment for concentrating on the night views. Tokyo Tower, the skyscrapers around Tokyo Station, the Sumida River all lit up: the key landmarks of metropolitan Tokyo are lined up before you. Delicious food and drink match the luxurious surroundings. You have a bird’s eye view of the city, as if you are seeing the sights by helicopter. The atmosphere will fill you with hope and anticipation for the future.

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A cafe where you can easily enjoy amazing views of the city.
Here fantastic views of the night-time landscape,
full of elements from your imagination,
will spark any conversation into life.

After walking round the Tembo Deck and the TEMBO GALLERIA, you will naturally need a bit of a break. People who just want to relax and take time to enjoy the amazing views will love this cafe. There are seats at the counter with the view right in front of you, or seats at tables if there is a group of you together. The darkness of the Arakawa River or the Sumida River as it arcs round, give the night-time landscape a distinct expression, inspiring the imagination and adding spark to your conversation.

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