• w1shribbon

    W1SH RIBBONPillar number:04

    “W1SH RIBBON” is the spot for making wishes whose name reflects TOKYO SKYTREE ranked No. 1 as a free-standing broadcasting tower for its height in the world. At this special spot, write your No. 1 wish on the ribbon, such as your most fervent wish or a dream you want to fulfill as a team. Then, tie your ribbon to the “W1SH RIBBON” monument to make your wish come true.

Let's go to the Tembo Galleria!Let's go to the Tembo Galleria

  • Tembo Galleria Ticket Counter
    Ticket Counter

    Tembo Galleria ticket counterPillar number:11

    This is the ticket counter for purchasing Tembo Galleria tickets. Purchase individual and group Tembo Galleria tickets here.

  • Gate & Tembo Shuttle door

    Gate & Tembo Shuttle doorPillar number:12

    This is the door for boarding the Tembo Shuttle from the Tembo Deck to the Tembo Galleria. Enjoy the view through the Tembo Shuttle’s see-through front and ceiling.

Take a breakTake a break


SKYTREE CAFEPillar number:02、03

On clear days, this cafe provides a panoramic view of the Kanto Plain. Enjoy delicious drinks and the view from the SKYTREE café, the highest elevation location of its kind in Japan. (Standing service)

Souvenir photos!Souvenir photos

Photo Service
Photo Service

Photo ServicePillar number:07

There is a photo spot right where you get off the Tembo Shuttle where you can take a souvenir photo set against the magnificent scenery. You can also have a staff member take a picture with your camera.