Night View Courses

As approved by Motoo Marumaru, the night view critic

Three Recommended Courses The best courses for enjoying the night views of TOKYO SKYTREE, as recommended by the experts.
All three courses are tailored to give you time to appreciate the night views,
and any one of these will give you the best memories you could have of this experience.

The thinking behind our recommended night view courses

There are three courses tailored for you so that you can spend as much time as you wish looking at the night views.
All three courses give you the opportunity to enjoy the spectacular views from TOKYO SKYTREE in full,
but the intensity of your memories will depend on how you spend this time.
Both the Tembo Deck (350m above ground) and the TEMBO GALLERIA, another 100m up in the sky, are must-see places.
Even if you do not have much time, we strongly advise you to visit both, since they are excellent places to take in the night view.

*The time needed for these courses depends on how crowded the attraction is, amongst other factors, so please consider these timings as an indication only.

Beginners’ Course

Time required: 1 hour

Royal Road Course

Time required: 2.5 hours

The Meister Course

Time required: 4 hours