Recommendations for enjoying beautiful night views of SKYTREE

Looking at TOKYO SKYTREE as part of the surrounding landscape makes for a more beautiful night-time view.
Here, we give you some suggestions for some beautiful night views that you should try to see at least once.

― Beautiful views of SKYTREE incorporating a temple or a shrine ―

Senso-ji Temple

This is a popular photo spot for tourists who like the contrast between the blue SKYTREE and Senso-ji Temple daubed in red, and appreciate the gap between a futuristic structure and a historic building.

Kameido Tenjinsha Shrine

This is an interesting place because you can make the same contrasts and comparisons that you can at Senso-ji Temple. However, because the surrounding precincts of Kameido Tenjinsha Shrine are less clearly lit, it is a place where SKYTREE’s presence is even more clearly apparent.

― Beautiful views of SKYTREE incorporating a bridge ―

Fureai Bridge and Shikahama Bridge

Many of the bridges across the rivers are lit up.
The lights from SKYTREE and from the bridges resonate and complement each other’s presence,
and make for an even more attractive landscape.

― Beautiful night views glimpsed between the buildings ―

Between buildings from Harumi-ohashi Bridge

You can get more of a sense of SKYTREE’s presence by looking at it as part of the scenery in the background, rather than by looking at it directly.
We recommend you stand somewhere where there is no glare from the surrounding buildings.

― Other beautiful night views ―

SKYTREE reflected on buildings

Tokyo Tower and SKYTREE

SKYTREE reflected on the surface of water

You can find see SKYTREE’s outline reflected in unexpected places such as nearby canals and walls of buildings. You should also try looking at night views which feature both old and new architecture, such as SKYTREE with Tokyo Tower.