Highest Point: 634m

Decision of the Height of 634m

The height of TOKYO SKYTREE was originally specified at approximately 610m in the original project. However, it was planned from the beginning to be the world's tallest free-standing broadcasting tower. After careful discussion and research on high-rise buildings that are being built around the world, the height that was finally decided on was 634m, making it the tallest free-standing broadcasting tower in the world
Thus, the 634-meter structure of TOKYO SKYTREE was recognized by the Guinness World Records on November 17, 2011 as the tallest tower in the world.

  • Certified by Guinness World Records as the world's tallest tower.
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Impressive Figures

The decision on the figure "634" for the height was based on the concept of choosing a figure that would be easy for everyone to remember for the world's tallest tower that has also become a symbol of the area.
The pronunciation of the number 634 when read in old Japanese numbers is "mu-sa-shi." This reminds Japanese people of the Musashi Province of the past, which covered a large area including Tokyo, Saitama and part of Kanagawa Prefecture.
Historically speaking, the area where the TOKYO SKYTREE stands belonged to Musashi Province. From the Observation Decks, the landscape of the old Musashi Province spreads out before you and reminds visitors of the locality and history of the area lying east of Tokyo, i.e. east of old Edo.
We believe that the use of a number for the height of TOKYO SKYTREE with a connection to this familiar word will make it easier for everyone to remember.

Impressive Figures