What are the Observation Deck hours of operation and last admission time?
The observation deck is open from 10:00am to 10:00pm (Last admission 9:00pm).
Is it okay to have just the head of a group do ticket purchases at the Ticket Counter?
You can go in directly after purchasing your tickets. Please come to the counter together with everyone in your group.
Once I am on the Observation Deck, is there a limit to the time that I can stay there?
There is no set time limit, but if it is crowded on the day of your visit or due to elevator operating conditions, the staff may have no choice but to ask you to limit your visit.
Can I leave and come back later?
No, you cannot. Tickets are valid for one entry only.
Is there anything I'm not allowed to bring in?
To ensure everyone's safety and enjoyment, some items are prohibited as listed here.
Where are the Information counters located?
Information counters are on the Tower Yard 3F, and East Yard 1F.
Is there a first aid room?
Yes, but there is no physician or nurse present. The First Aid Room is equipped to provide emergency treatment for light wounds and has a bed for rest. The First Aid Room is equipped for emergency treatment of minor wounds and has a bed for rest. If you need to use the First Aid Room does not provide treatment. If you regularly take medication, be sure to bring it with you.
Can I bring a pet into the Tower?
Pets are not allowed inside. TOKYO SKYTREE does not have a place for holding pets.
Are service dogs (seeing-eye dogs, hearing assistance dogs, service dogs) allowed in the facility and on the Observation Deck?
Service dogs are allowed admission.
Are wheelchairs available for loan? Also, is the Observation Deck wheelchair-accessible?
You can borrow a wheelchair. Their number is limited, however. Please consult with the nearest staff member. You can enter the Observation Deck without leaving the wheelchair.
Are there wheelchair-accessible toilets?
There is a wheelchair-accessible toilet in every bathroom in the facility.
Can I use a drone to take photos and the like?
For safety management reasons, the use of unmanned aircraft including drones is not permitted within the TOKYO SKYTREE TOWN site. We also ask that you not use small unmanned aircraft not covered by law.
Can I use a credit card inside the Tower?
We accept TOBU Card, UC, Saison, Mitsubishi UFJ NICOS, VISA, MASTER, UnionPay, JCB, AMEX, Diners, and Discover.
Is there a delivery service?
Yes, at the 1F Tourist Service Center.
Can I make restaurant reservations?
Please see here for Sky Restaurant 634 details.