Tokyo Aozora Soji
(cleaning the blue sky)

Tokyo Aozora Soji (cleaning the blue sky)

The glass windows at the TOKYO SKYTREE Tembo Galleria are regularly cleaned to offer a beautiful view. This time the cleaning activity has been named "Tokyo Aozora Soji (cleaning the blue sky)," because the Tembo Galleria is so high up that there is a complete view of Tokyo's blue sky. This makes it look like the staff are cleaning the sky.

Features of Tokyo Aozora Soji (cleaning the blue sky) Part 1

"A rare hangar"

Although the visitors are not able to see it, the gondola of TOKYO SKYTREE is usually stored in a hangar at the top of the Tembo Galleria. Surprisingly, it is very unusual for a gondola used for cleaning to be stored in a building like this.
Since TOKYO SKYTREE is a structure with an unprecedented height, this gondola takes safety into consideration and needs to be able to withstand harsh storms.

Features of Tokyo Aozora Soji (cleaning the blue sky) Part 2

"If you are lucky, you will be able to see it!"

You’ll realize how high up the TOKYO SKYTREE windows are when you see the cleaning gondola for Tokyo Aozora Soji (cleaning the blue sky) from above.
As the TOKYO SKYTREE Tembo Galleria, 450 meters high from the ground, is the highest elevation facility in Japan, the cleaning gondola there is also working at the highest place of any cleaning gondola in Japan.
At this height there are very severe working conditions such as frequent strong winds, rain, and thunder, and the gondola cannot be operated at these times.
So if you see it, that means you were lucky.

Features of Tokyo Aozora Soji (cleaning the blue sky) Part 3

Lanyards for better safety

"Lanyards" for better safety

Now let's take a look the gondola in actual operation.
Look closely and you may notice something.
Did you see it? Yes, each tool has a lanyard.
These lanyards are used for safety reason, to prevent the cleaning staff from dropping tools and other things around them from a high place.
They make sure that they only bring what they need, and also that the things they brought are protected with such redundant safety measures.
The gondola itself also has vibration control and fall prevention functions, and is operated only by highly skilled workers.

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Content provided by: newStory

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At the end

How about watching Tokyo Aozora Soji (cleaning the blue sky)? If you would like to see it, please ask our staff when visiting TOKYO SKYTREE, or call the TOKYO SKYTREE Call Center. If you’re lucky, you might get to watch. Please enjoy the rare sight with your family or friends.

Glass Cleaning at TOKYO SKYTREE Tembo Galleria: Information about Tokyo Aozora Soji (cleaning the blue sky)

Tokyo Aozora Soji (cleaning the blue sky)

Cleaning Days
: Irregular (6-7 days / month)
Cleaning Area
: TOKYO SKYTREE Tembo Galleria (450 meters high)
Weather Condition
: Wind velocity in the upper sky should be less than 7-8 meters per second.
No rain, snow, or the like.
No possibility of thunderstorms.
: Glass cleaning may be cancelled due to the reasons above.