Tenku arrival and departure lobby

4F Entrance Floor (Ticket Counter)

This is the floor where you'll find the entrance to the TOKYO SKYTREE observation deck. There are lots of traditional arts on display here.


4F Entrance Floor (Ticket Counter)

  • Observation Deck
    Ticket Counter
  • Tembo Shuttle
    (to the Tembo Deck)
    Nursing room
  • Coin lockers
  • Smoking area
  • Escalator
  • Stairway
  • Elevator to the lower floors (B1F – 5F)




    Mullion, bamboo work, Edo cut glass, and other traditional crafts express the beauty of TOKYO SKYTREE architecture with artwork based on 12 themes, such as concave curves, convex curves, and central pillar.

  • View from the Arena

    View from the Arena

    The 4F area square on the TOKYO SKYTREE Entrance Floor features a stunning view of TOKYO SKYTREE above.

Let's go to the Tembo Deck!

  • North & West Entrance (same-day ticket admission entrance)

    North & West Entrance (same-day ticket admission entrance)

    For the same-day ticket admission entrance, please proceed from here, which is the East Entrance.

  • Main Entrance (Fixed date/time entrance)

    Main Entrance (Fixed-date/time entrance)

    For the fixed date/time tickets reserved in advance and the fixed-date ticket entrance, proceed from the 4F Sky Arena to this entrance.

  • Ticket Counter
    Ticket Counter

    Ticket Counter

    The Ticket Counter serving individual visitors. The Ticket Counter tray is made of Edo cut glass and its color changes to match the lighting for that day.

  • Departure Gate
    Departure Gate

    Departure Gate

    Pass through the Departure Gate to access the Tembo Deck Departure Lobby. At the Departure Gate, there is a security check and baggage screening. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.