• Sorakara Point

    Sorakara Point

    A stage space built at the 451.2-m high summit. Surrounded by light and glass. Come see it for yourself to experience an amazing three-dimensional view that makes it feel like you’re floating. You can even get a sense of the roundness of the Earth.

  • Tembo Galleria

    Tembo Galleria

    A glass-covered galleria. Walk the sloped galleria from Floor 445 to Floor 450. Experience the amazing feeling of reaching the summit by walking there on your own two feet.

Souvenir photos…!Souvenir photos

Photo Service

This is the only spot for taking a souvenir photo of your walk in the sky.

This way to go back down to the ground floor! This way to return to the Tembo Deck.

Tembo Shuttle door

Tembo Shuttle door

Return from the Tembo Galleria to the Tembo Deck here.