Terms of Use

This website provides information mainly related to Tobu Railway Co., Ltd. and Tobu Tower Tokyo Skytree Co. for the purpose of promoting understanding of TOKYO SKYTREE TOWN to a wide range of customers.
Customers using the various services offered on this website must abide by the terms of use. Those using the website are deemed to have agreed on the terms as written here.
The contents of the terms of use are subject to additions and changes as necessary. When using the website, please refer to the latest terms of use as posted on this page.

Article 1 Terms of Use

  1. These terms of use apply to the use of all services (hereinafter referred to as "services") offered on the Internet website TOKYO SKYTREE Official Website (http://www.tokyo-skytree.jp/) provided by the Tobu Railway Co. Ltd., and Tobu Tower Tokyo Skytree (hereinafter referred to as "Company").
  2. Users of the above mentioned services (hereinafter referred to as "Users") are deemed to have agreed to the contents of the terms of use.

Article 2 Range of Terms

  1. Announcements issued by the Company as stated in article 4 are considered to be part of the terms of use.
  2. The terms of use in services set out separately from the terms of use here as well as rules on services determined in the "Notes on Use" written at the beginning of all services are deemed to be part of the Terms of Use, regardless of their names.

Article 3 Changes in Terms

  1. The Company reserves the right to change the contents of the terms of use without prior notice.
  2. Changes in the terms of use shall be effective from the date they are posted on the website, unless determined otherwise by the Company.

Article 4 Suspension and Changes of Services

The Company reserves the right to change, add or suspend all or part of the services without prior notice to Users, regardless of the reason.

Article 5 Indemnification

  1. Regarding the contents of the services and information collected through the services by the Users, the Company does not guarantee their quality, accuracy, certainty or usability.
  2. The Company is neither responsible nor liable to indemnity for any damages to Users caused by the use of the services (including damages sustained from trouble with other parties).

Article 6 Principle of Self-discipline

  1. Any inquiries or claims from third parties (domestic or overseas, the same hereinafter) related to the use of the services by the Users must be handled and solved under personal responsibility and cost of the Users.
  2. If the Users have any request, question or claims concerning the act of a third party, the Users must contact the relevant party directly and take full responsibility for the result and cost arising from the solution.
  3. If a User inflicts damages on any third party by using the services (including cases when the User inflicts damage on a third party or the Company by failing to observe the obligations under the terms of use), the User must compensate for the damages caused under his responsibility.

Article 7 Prohibition of Use beyond Private Use

  1. Users are not allowed to use the data, information, documents or comments (hereinafter collectively referred to as "data, etc.") in forms such as duplication, sale or publication beyond private use as recognized by copyright law, unless permitted by the Company.
  2. Users may not force any third party to engage in illegal actions, as stated in the point above.

Article 8 Prohibition of Promotional Activities

  1. Users are not allowed to use the services for promotional and commercial activities, or their preparatory activities (hereinafter referred to as "promotional activities").
  2. In case the Company gives separate permission, the above clause shall not apply and the User may engage in promotional actions within the scope defined in the permission given by the Company.

Article 9 Other Prohibitions

Users may not engage in the following acts that:

  1. infringe or may potentially infringe the copyright, trademarks or intellectual properties of the company of any other third party,
  2. violate or may potentially infringe the property, privacy or portrait rights of a third party,
  3. discriminate, mentally abuse, defame or impair the good standing of a third party,
  4. relate to or may potentially relate to crimes such as fraud,
  5. send or display images and texts containing obscenity, child pornography or child abuse,
  6. establish or induce others to join pyramid schemes,
  7. falsify or delete information of the Company or a third party that is accessible through services,
  8. use services by stealing the identity of a third party,
  9. send harmful computer programs or render such programs receivable by third parties,
  10. engage in campaigning before the official period, or election campaign or any similar actions that infringe the Public Offices Election Act,
  11. impact (or may potentially impact) on the use or operation of service facilities (communication facilities, electronic calculating machines and other devices and software, the same hereinafter) of the Company or a third party by unlimited access,
  12. collect information from a third party without his/her permission or by fraudulent means,
  13. infringe any law, terms of use or actions that violate public order and morality (prostitution, violence, atrocity, etc.), harm service operation, defame the good standing of the Company or impinge on company property, or be disadvantageous to the company or a third party,
  14. and further acts involving accessing data to which the above points apply (including the case of a third party) or linking to such data to further the above stated acts.

Article 10 Link to Company Home Page

Users are expected to create links to the top page of the website (http://www.tokyo-skytree.jp/). Posting the company homepage in the frame of the link originator is prohibited as it may give a misleading impression of the administrator or originator of information.

Article 11 Deletion of Data etc.,

For the purpose of service operation and security, the Company reserves the right to delete data registered by Users in the service facilities without prior notice.

Article 12 Personal Information Protection

The Company shall treat personal information of the Users according to the separately established "Tobu Railways Personal Information Protection Policies." Regarding services provided by other companies, the Company observes the policy defined in the personal information protection of these service providers. Tobu Railways Company Personal Information Protection Policies

Article 13 Legal Preparation

  1. Use of the services and interpretation/application of Terms of Use on posted information are based on Japanese domestic law unless specified otherwise. In case of any conflict related to the use of the Company website, the Tokyo District Court shall be the exclusive court of jurisdiction for the first instance.
  2. The articles herein are effective from 10:00, October 26, 2007, Japan Standard Time.