Short-distance view of the SKYTREE

If you are in the mood for a stroll around the TOKYO SKYTREE surrounding area, we suggest these walks for you to enjoy.
Make use of whatever background best matches your outlook on the world - waterside, shrines and temples or bridges.

Around Shirahige Shrine

This is 1.7 km away from SKYTREE, but the brightness of the main road enhances your field of vision so that you get a spectacular view of SKYTREE’s colorful lighting.

From Jukken Bridge

There are plenty of river spots where you can see an "inverted SKYTREE” reflected in the water. However, experts agree that Jukken Bridge is the best spot because its reflection stands out even more due to the darkness of the surrounding buildings.

Sumida Park (near Azuma-bashi Bridge)

The reflection on the water’s surface enhances your view of SKYTREE’s lighting when you see it by the river. You feel the colors shine more brightly. The color contrast with the Asahi Beer Tower is beautiful.

Near Sakura Bridge

Because you get a very broad field of vision from Sakura Bridge, we would recommend this spot if you want to get a real sense of SKYTREE towering up into the expansive sky.