Its Role as a Broadcasting Tower

Digital terrestrial broadcasting and the role of TOKYO SKYTREE



The major role of TOKYO SKYTREE is transmission of digital terrestrial broadcasting. Digital terrestrial broadcasting has already been in use since December 2003 in the Kanto area, but due to the many tall buildings rising over 200m high in central Tokyo, it has become necessary to build a new tower higher than 600m for broadcasting transmission purposes.

When the role is totally transferred to the new tower in the 600m class, the volume of digital terrestrial broadcasting transmission will be doubled, thus mitigating the impact of the ever-increasing number of high-rise buildings. It is also expected to widen the area of coverage for "One Seg" digital terrestrial broadcasting for mobile phones, which has been in operation since April 2006.

In times of natural disasters, it is also expected to serve as a tower with a disaster prevention function.