Royal Road Course

Time required: 2.5 hours

As with the Beginner Course, you go to the Tembo Deck to start with to enjoy the amazing views.
Then, after looking at the 360-degree large panorama with the Tokyo Space-Time Navigation System,
and at the SKYTREE ROUND THEATER, go up the TEMBO GALLERIA where the astonishing night views develop further.
Approximately 100 meters further up, you feel like you are no longer in Tokyo,
as if you have come across a night view in a city somewhere else in the world.
An amazing view from a stylish walkway, as if you are in a spaceship of the future.
You are on a carpet of light which exceeds any other night view in Japan. This is the night view of metropolitan Tokyo.
Then you reach the furthest point you will get to, Sorakara Point. You cannot fail to be dumbfounded.
And then, perhaps reluctantly, you go back down to the Tembo Deck. Feel free to linger in the SKYTREE CAFE.
And the course does not end here. You can see and feel the impact and effect of the structure for yourself at the Farm Garden.

*The time needed for these courses depends on how crowded the attraction is, amongst other factors, so please consider these timings as an indication only.

① Go up to the Tembo Deck

② Look at the Tokyo Space-Time Navigation System and the night view on the Tembo Deck

The Tembo Deck has plenty of benches dotted around where you can sit and take in the views at your leisure. But there are so many different views for you to see, and different ways of looking at the landscape for you to discover. For example, the view from the landing on the stairway connecting Floors 350 and 345. Walk around and you might just catch a fleeting view of the city at night that only you will ever see. It’s there for an instant, and then it’s gone!

③ On the Tembo Deck,

The SKYTREE ROUND THEATER gives you a sense of reality and presence wherever you stand in it. It has 18 speakers, so the acoustics are perfect! You get a wider perspective if you stand a little way back from the windows by the pillars in the middle of the observation platform passage. You can take good pictures of the night view or the performance from here.

④ Take time to appreciate the TEMBO GALLERIA

The TEMBO GALLERIA has a higher vantage point than the Tembo Deck. The sloping galleria walkway is built so that its glass windows curve outwards enabling you to look directly downwards. Take a look back down the slope you have just climbed. The night view which stretches out before you as you look down the galleria slope is absolutely magnificent.

⑤ Go to Sorakara Point

⑥ Enjoy the night view sitting on the benches all around the Tembo Deck or in the SKYTREE CAFE

The SKYTREE CAFE has two separate areas, on two different levels. They have different views as they face out in diametrically opposite directions. On Floor350, you can relive old memories against a backdrop of heart-warming views of Saitama. On Floor340, you can look to the future with a view of Tokyo, sparkling and glittering in the night.

⑦ Experience the Glass Floor

⑧ Look at the Farm Garden

The SKYTREE’s lighting strikes an impression and ensures you always feel its presence. You can find some interesting night views here in the Farm Garden. SKYTREE appears to shoot up out of the lawn and the surrounding trees. It looks so pretty from here (you could even say “cute”).

⑨ Go to TOKYO Solamachi.