Get to know SKYTREE at night



The SKYTREE ROUND THEATER surrounds and envelops you with a Panoramic screen (110m length x 2m height) screen which encircles 255 °of the Tembo Deck.
With 34 projectors, the images and visuals projected onto the night view are the pinnacle of artistry and fantasy.
A performance of these proportions, in terms of the night-time landscape through the windows and the imagery on-screen,
and the interplay with Tokyo’s amazing landscape, has never been seen before, either in Japan or worldwide.
The 18 speakers installed all around give you the sensation of being in a theater, heightening your appreciation of the night view.
This is not just a visual performance, it is exhilarating for the auditory senses as well, so you are stimulated and satisfied all at the same time.
There is an infinite variety of combinations of night views and video images to enjoy as you walk round the Tembo Deck.