From the Tembo Deck (Floor350), take the Tembo Shuttle to the special viewing area, the TEMBO GALLERIA.
Alight from the shuttle, 445m above ground, and walk along the sloping galleria corridor.
It will feel just like you are floating in the sky.
The stunning carpet of light which spreads out all around you makes you feel like you are no longer in Tokyo,
that you are actually on a planet somewhere in the universe.
A place where time and distance no longer matter, a place which transcends time and space itself.
This is the highest point of the observation platform!

Sorakara Point

451.Sorakara Point is the highest point that visitors can reach. At a height of 451.2 meters, it is not to be missed. Not only does it offer an extraordinary view, it also has a special mechanism that projects the letters of Tokyo Skytree, seemingly in mid-air outside the windows.

Control your excitement and take in this unique nightscape

People like to get up close to the windows to look at the view, but by taking a few steps back you actually experience an expanded perspective of the night-time landscape.

Get right up close to the mysteries of the universe

This observation platform in a free-standing broadcasting tower is the closest observation platform to the moon in all the world. One of its attractions is that it is a place to enjoy the mysteries of the universe, such as the appearance of a “supermoon”, as you take in the night views.

Feel the colors in all their beauty

Enjoy the sequence of colors changing from dusk to night to your heart’s content, with the sky stretching away to the peaks of the mountains. If you are lucky enough you may catch a glimpse of Mt. Fuji in silhouette.

Planes with neon lights moving across the sky

Over the bay area, planes come into land at Haneda Airport like shooting stars. Watch the neon lights of the planes coming and going. “Welcome Home Again” “Welcome to Tokyo” The night view brims with a sense of movement and travel.