Tembo Deck Floor350

Take the Tembo Shuttle, and the first place you will alight at is the Tembo Deck, 350m above ground level.
As the door opens, a stunning panoramic view will greet you. You will be lost for words.
On the floor below (Floor345) is the Sky Restaurant 634 and the SKYTREE SHOP.
Go down one more floor from here (to Floor340), and you will find the SKYTREE CAFE.
Walk around these three floors at your leisure, and find the night view of the city that you like best.


A panoramic screen, approximately 110 meters wide and 2 meters high, encompasses 255 degrees of the Observation Deck. A breathtaking, fantasy world is projected onto the nightscape from 34 projectors.

Tokyo Space-Time Navigation System (Floor350)

There are touch screen monitors installed at four different locations around the floor. You can use these to look at different reproductions of the night view, and to clearly identify prominent landmarks.

Glass Floor (Floor340)

A glass floor made with heat-proof tempered glass. Look down to the ground through the 2 x 3-meter glass under your feet and experience the thrilling sensation of floating in the air.

Superb views through the windows (Floors 350, 345, 340)

You will see the night views of the city through the extra-large windows. The night-time landscape is so amazing you will think of it as a visual masterpiece. The angle adjustment of the windows means that that no light is reflected from the observation floor, ensuring that you can appreciate the night views in full without any distractions.

Viewing benches (Floor345)

There are viewing benches installed all around the floor. As you sit on them, the twinkling night horizon stretches out away from you, giving you a heightened sense of presence and reality as you take in the views of the city at night.

Stairway (from Floor350 to 345)

If you are looking for somewhere a little different on the Tembo Deck, this is it. As you come down the stairs you will experience the unusual sensation of actually stepping into the twinkling night-time landscape in front of you.

Feel the reality of the night view beneath you

To the west, the Shitamachi and Asakusa night view stretches out beneath you. Twinkling clusters of light at Hanayashiki (amusement park) and Senso-ji Temple, all lit up, and the Sumida River, have an uplifting quality to them.

Night views resembling a computer circuit

Look down towards Kinshicho, and see the rare sight of rooftops on dark houses and brightly-lit main roads laid out systematically beneath you. It is as if you are looking at a giant computer circuit.

Heartwarming views of residential areas and train lines

The roads and the river are not the only things to look at. To the north, you will see the Tobu railway line cutting through the residential areas of the city, its trains bringing light in the night. A tranquil and heart-warming view.