Admission information

Items needed for admission

Advance tickets / SKYTREE ENJOY PACK

Reservation confirmation
(voucher with QR code)

*Exchange location: Ticket counter on the 4th floor of Tokyo Skytree
*Please present the ticket voucher to collect the admission ticket on the day of visit.
*The Sumida Aquarium admission ticket can be collected together
with the observatory admission ticket at the ticket counter on the 4th floor of Tokyo Skytree.

*Please note that you may need to visit the Tokyo Skytree Observatory first and then visit the Sumida Aquarium.

Same-day Ticket


*If you wish to purchase a ticket at the price for visitors with disabilities,
please bring your disability certificate (a copy is acceptable).

How to enter the observatory

Go to the Tembo Deck from the entrance on the 4th floor

  • Please enter from the front entrance.

  • Please purchase the tickets at the ticket counter after all members are gathered together.

  • Please purchase same-day tickets or collect advance tickets at the ticket counter.

  • After collecting the admission ticket, please go take the Tembo Shuttle Elevator directly.

Go to Tembo Galleria from Tembo Deck

You can go to the Tembo Galleria from Tembo Deck at any time you like. You may have to line up for admission during busy periods.

  • After arriving at the Tembo Deck (350m), please line up at the entrance of the Tembo Galleria.

  • You will be guided to take the Tembo Shuttle (elevator) in turn.