Height, Viewing Environment, Nightscape. And...The Thrill.
The Hospitality of Light, Offering “Excellence” of All Kinds

Tokyo Skytree is the highest stand-alone broadcasting tower in the world.
The view from the Observation Deck and TEMBO GALLERIA is higher than Mt. Inasa (333 m) in Nagasaki Prefecture,
one of the new Top Three Nightscapes of Japan, and it has become a leading brand among Japan’s many famous nightscape locations.
When you visit Skytree, which has one of the world’s highest and most superb nightscape viewing environments,
not only will you encounter an amazingly brilliant nightscape that no-one could ever have seen before.
You will also be able to enjoy a panoramic 360º view of the great metropolis of Tokyo,
which you could describe as a condensed version of all of Japan, stretching out before you in an endless ocean of light.
Surely there can be nothing more thrilling or luxurious.

A world of light, which you can savor, not just once in a lifetime, but as many times in your life as you like.
Welcome to Tokyo Skytree®, a place that offers excellence of all kinds!


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