Make a W1SH from the world’s tallest tower and one of the spiritual sites in Tokyo
Opening the Door to the Future So That W1SHES Can Come True!

At TOKYO SKYTREE, operated by TOBU TOWER SKYTREE CO., LTD. (Headquarters: Sumida
Ward, Tokyo), a monument by the name of “W1SH RIBBON” is placed on the TEMBO DECK, located
at 350 meters. This monument was created in response to the current situation of COVID-19 with
the strong belief that everyone will overcome this obstacle, and with hopes that it will make everyone
hopeful. Guests are given the opportunity to write their own wishes on the ribbon and tie it to the
“W1SH RIBBON” is styled with a number “1” with a reference to guests’ “one” wish as well as a
reference to TOKYO SKYTREE being the world’s number one tallest freestanding broadcasting
tower. The colorful ribbons, each with a wish on them, surround the monument. The monument is
sloped towards the sky so that the wish can be heard from TOKYO SKYTREE.
TOKYO SKYTREE, the world’s tallest tower and one of Tokyo’s spiritual spots (Please see
references of the last page), hopes to be a place where guests can open the door to their futures, all
while hoping that those wishes will be fulfilled.