Tenku arrival and departure lobby

1F Group Floor

On these floors, you can see exhibitions and displays related to traditional residential areas and also get a view of the steel frame of TOKYO SKYTREE from up close.
You can still go to the official shop even if you don't visit the viewing platform.


1F Group Floor

    Accessible Restroom
    Nursing room
    Automated External Defibrillator(AED)
  • Coin lockers
  • Escalator
  • Stairway
  • Elevator to lower floors (B1F – 5F)


  • Sorami-zaka Stairs

    Sorami-zaka Stairs

    Outdoor stairway on the Oshiage Station side to the 4F Sky Arena with a view of TOKYO SKYTREE and the sky above.

  • Hanami-zaka Stairs

    Hanami-zaka Stairs

    An outdoor staircase leads up to the 4th floor facing Tokyo Skytree Station, where you can enjoy a view of flowers and grasses and rows of cherry trees along the sidewalk.

  • Nishi-kanae (West tripod)

    Nishi-kanae (West tripod)

    The foot of TOKYO SKYTREE where you can see the huge 2.3 meter diameter steel framework that supports the 634 meter Tower.

  • Solamachi Square

    Solamachi Square

    A rest area with a fountain and monuments. Tokyo Solamachi shops surround the square. A popular spot for taking pictures of TOKYO SKYTREE.

Souvenir photos…!Recommended


    The largest TOKYO SKYTREE Official Shop in the Tower features a wide variety of limited edition TOKYO SKYTREE goods. You do not need an Observation Deck admission ticket to visit the shop.

This way to the Tembo Deck, 350 meters high.This way to the Tembo Deck, 350 meters high.

  • Group Ticket Counter
    Group Ticket Counter

    Group Ticket Counter

    This counter is for group admissions and is also a space for group leaders to exchange tickets.

  • Group Entrance

    Group Entrance

    Entrance to the 1F Group Floor from the Group Bus Parking.