Less Than 300 Days Left Until the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020
Athlete Talk Session

OnFriday September 25 2020 TOBU TOWER SKYTREE CO LTD (Headquarters Sumida Ward, Tokyo), an
Official Supporter of the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 hosted a talk session on the TEMBO DECK of TOKYO
SKYTREE with athletes discussing their future goals and current hopes and thoughts with the view of Tokyo behind
Daiki Tanaka, Announcer and Sports Announcer, acted as the facilitator of this event Athletes who participated
include BMX Rider Rim Nakamura, who is confirmed to participate in the Men’s Freestyle, promising Skateboarder
Yuto Horigome who currently holds the most gold medals (The Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 will be the first to
include Skateboarding as an event), Ryo Miyake, who won the Silver medal in the Olympic Games London 2012 for
Men's Foil Team for Fencing, and Maiko Kano a former Volleyball player who won the Bronze medal at the
Olympic Games London 2012 The athletes had a passionate talk regarding sports
After the talk session, the athletes wrote their wishes and feelings and tied it to the “W1SH RIBBON” monument on
the TEMBO DECK of TOKYO SKYTREE hoping that everyone will overcome this time and to support those who
have their eyes on the future with positive thoughts.
(Yuto Horigome , who was participating from overseas, announced his “W1SH”during the video)