TOKYO SKYTREE®Sumida River Fireworks Festival Special Hours

TOKYO SKYTREE® Sumida River Fireworks Festival Special Hours

At the TOKYO SKYTREE, in tandem with the 47th Sumida River Fireworks Festival, to be held Saturday, July 27, 2024, we will offer 634 tickets (sold by drawing) in a unique opportunity for visitors to watch the fireworks from above at the TOKYO SKYTREE observation area from 6:00pm to 8:30pm (special hours). This is a new take on a treasured summer tradition!

Sumida River Fireworks Festival Special Hours



Entering the Drawing to Purchase Special Hours Tickets on the Web

  • *The lottery application period has ended.
  • ■Drawing entry period: Monday, June 10, 12:00pm–Sunday, June 30, 11:59pm, 2024
  • *Limit of five tickets per entry.
  • *An impartial drawing will be held for all drawing entries submitted during the ticket drawing period.
  • The order in which entries are received does not impact chances of winning the drawing.
  • ■Drawing results announced: Wednesday, July 3, 2024
  • *Results (both winning and non-winning entries) will be e-mailed.
  • ■Available tickets: 320。
  • ■Price: ¥12,000 (per ticket, tax included)
  • *Children five years old and under, or age six who are not yet attending school, are admitted free of charge (up to two children per group).
  • ■Description: Observation area special hours tickets (TEMBO DECK/TEMBO GALLERIA) and ¥1,000 gift card for SKYTREE SHOP (5F and Floor 345)

Overview of Special Hours

・Note that inclement weather conditions can impede the view of the fireworks from the SKYTREE. We are unable to provide refunds in this instance.

・However, if the event is cancelled by 8 am on the day of the event by the Sumida River Fireworks Executive Committee Secretariat, tickets purchased for the observation area special hours will be refunded.

・Visitors holding the observation area special hours tickets for entering the TEMBO DECK may also freely enter and exit the TEMBO GALLERIA during special hours.

・Please refrain from bringing food and drink into the observation area. Beverages and light meals are sold at the observation area SKYTREE CAFE on the Floor 350.

・The number of tickets sold is subject to change without notice.

・Transfer or resale of tickets, photography, recording, interviews, etc. for commercial purposes are strictly prohibited. You will be asked to leave the TOKYO SKYTREE if you are seen engaged in such activities.