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This is the height at TOKYO SKYTREE’s highest point. When considering the height for a tower that was to be the world’s tallest tower and a symbol for the region, 634m was chosen. The number 634 is an easy number to remember as it can be read as “musashi,” which is a word that is very familiar to the Japanese. It is also reminiscent of the Musashi Province, which is the old name of the large region that encompassed part of Tokyo, Saitama, and Kanagawa.


This is the number of days from the start (7/14/2008) to the end (2/29/2012) of construction for TOKYO SKYTREE.
The 634 m peak was reached just one week after the Great East Japan Earthquake (March 18, 2011 at 1:34pm).


The number of stairs from the 1st floor to the Tembo Deck (Floor 340) is 1,929. From the Tembo Deck to the TEMBO GALLERIA (Floor 445), there are 594 stairs, for a total of 2,523 stairs.

about 36,000t

This is the total weight of the steel framework of the tower including the observation deck. This is the equivalent of 200 Jumbo Jets, which each weigh 180 tons.

about 2,900people

This is the approximate number of people that can fit in the TOKYO SKYTREE Tembo Deck and TEMBO GALLERIA. The Tembo Deck can hold approximately 2,000 people and the TEMBO GALLERIA can hold approximately 900.

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  • Japan-wide area map

  • Wide area diagram of the Kanto region

  • Map of central Tokyo and the TOKYO SKYTREE area

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This section introduces TOKYO SKYTREE in more detail.

There's a lot to experience around SKYTREE:
an aquarium, a planetarium, Solamachi with
over 300 diverse stores, and even a
museum of Edo culture!